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Beggars Banquet Photo Gallery 2

For promotional purposes, I'd often get Ronnie and Keith to pose with issues of Beggars Banquet.  Usually, I'd tell 'em to mug it up and, once in a while, I'd get in the picture too.  This one, circa 1986, was taken one morning in Ronnie's basement during a jam session.  (Keith on guitar, Ronnie on drums.)  Ronnie was living on West 78th Street in New York, and you never knew who'd stop by at any hour of the morning to jam.  One 3AM, the doorbell rang.  Ronnie and I opened the front door to find Stevie Ray Vaughan standing there with his guitar strapped on.  No case or anything.  Just standing there ready to play.  "You mean to tell me," asked Ronnie, "that you hailed a cab like that, with your guitar strapped on?"  And of course the answer was yes.

In 1992, when Ronnie completed his "Slide On This" solo sessions in Los Angeles, he hosted a party at A&M Studio.  Here's me and him with Izzy Stradlin from Guns 'N' Roses.  Comedian Richard Lewis was there, playing air guitar in the corner, and so was Phil Spector, who got upset when some photographers took his picture.  "If you don't gimme that film," he said, "I'll have you killed.  Then I'll have you arrested."

Backstage at Shea Stadium after I interviewed Keith for the ABC Radio Network, 1989.  I'm a big baseball fan, so I was pretty excited about conducting the interview in the Mets' laundry room. "This is where Darryl Strawberry washes his jock strap," I informed Keith.

This 1983 shot of me and Bill Wyman was taken after he played the ARMS benefit concert at Madison Square Garden.  He introduced me to his girlfriend--Kelly, I think--but he had a different girlfriend for each stop of the tour.  (And he requested that I not print any pictures of him with any of 'em.)  A few years later, when he was dating Mandy (and about a hundred other girls), I visited his flat in London.   He gave me a tour of the place, and when we passed the bedroom, I remember thinking, "Man, if these walls could talk!"

London, 1987, at Ronnie's first-ever British art exhibition.  I was broke (hadn't been paid yet for co-authoring Ronnie's book), so Ronnie and his wife let me stay at their house in London for a few days.  As you can see, Bill Wyman attended the exhibition.  Mick couldn't make it, but sent Ronnie a telegram that read: "Break a leg, Leonardo!"









Keith and Ronnie's farewell letters, which appeared in the final issue of Beggars Banquet, 1996. Ronnie depicted me eating a banana because I always used to grab one from the fruit bowl when visiting his house or hotel rooms.

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