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VIDEO:  Beggars Banquet is profiled on MTV's "The Week In Rock" (1989), during which Keith reveals that he is Beggars Banquet's primary source of info.

VIDEO:  Beggars Banquet is profiled by journalist Lisa Robinson on USA-TV (1983), just prior to the Stones declaring it their official newsletter.

VIDEO:  Ron Wood and Bill German plug their book, "The Works," at a press conference in Tokyo, broadcast on Japan's NHK TV network (1990).

AUDIO: Bill German reports on the Stones' first-ever visit to Japan (1990).  Originally broadcast on the nationally syndicated program, "Powercuts."
AUDIO: Bill German phones deejay Meg Griffin from the Stones' hotel in New Jersey, to report on the final days of the "Steel Wheels" tour.  Originally broadcast over K-Rock (WXRK) in New York, 1989.
AUDIO: Hear an excerpt of Bill German's interview with Keith Richards, conducted backstage during the "Steel Wheels" tour.  Originally broadcast across the U.S. over the ABC Radio Network, 1989.
AUDIO: Bill German joins deejays Steve Downes and Gayle Murphy in covering the Stones' "Steel Wheels" concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Originally broadcast over KLOS in L.A., 1989.
AUDIO: Bill German and deejay Tony Pigg discuss the Stones' surprise nightclub gig, prior to the "Voodoo Lounge" tour.  Originally broadcast over WNEW in New York, 1994.

To learn more about Bill German's new book,
"Under Their Thumb," visit BillGerman.com.